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Dad’s hospital bag

Not sure what you should pack in your hospital bag? It’s not an easy task, but it has got to be done whether your partner is planning to give birth in a hospital or at home. Remember you have to prepare for everything when you are expecting.

When it comes to your hospital bag, there are some essentials you just can’t forget. This is not only for your own comfort, but to also make sure your partner has the best labour and birthexperience possible. So here’s a short checklist to help you out.

  • Comfortable shoes, you are going to be running up and down that hospital or birthing centre a lot.
  • A change of clothes and deodorant.
  • Bendy straws. When you whip these out, your partner will be really impressed you thought of them, because drinking normally won’t be easy for her.
  • Swim trunks, if you’re having a waterbirth and want to join in.
  • Your phone AND charger. And no, these are not for business purposes, but to update family and friends at your partner’s discretion.
  • Camera and/or camcorder, fully charged or bring extra batteries
  • Food and drinks and change for the vending machine. Remember, what we told you in our Labour Survival Guide, do NOT eat and drink in front of your partner.
  • Pen and paper, because trust us you’re going to have a lot of instructions to remember.

    Dad checking camera for hospital bag

    Make sure your camera is charged and packed in your hospital bag.

Don’t forget to check out what your partner should be packing as well and help her to get organised. We know that it can still seem impossible to get everything into one bag, especially when you consider everything you have to pack for your partner and your baby. So check out our article on how to pack lightly so that it’s easier for you.

Remember, have your hospital bag packed by week 36 of pregnancy, many babies just can’t wait to arrive, so be prepared!

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