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Dad’s survival guide: trimester 1 continued

dirty dishes in a sink

Do the washing up more often.

  • Help out around the house. We don’t doubt you already do your fair share of housework, but it’s a good idea to pick up a few of her’s as well, especially those she won’t be able to do as her pregnancy progresses. Even if you think she spends all day resting she’s going to have no energy, because her body will be working in overtime over the next 9 months, even when she’s sleeping.
  • Surprise her. Whether it’s by doing an extra chore, sending her flowers, cooking her favourite pregnancy treat or writing her a note before you go off to work, these little surprises will make her day. And a happy mum-to-be certainly beats a cranky one!
  • Take her out. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to sit at home for the next 9 months, take her out to dinner or on a day trip. It will help you bond before your baby’s birth and to also spend some time focused on other things than your pregnancy. Be considerate though, avoid alcohol based outings or adventurous trips, because she won’t be able to enjoy them. Also remember, some days she may just want to stay at home so make it a romantic night in.
  • Accept her crazy pregnancy symptoms. Her cravings, aversions, mood swings and even gassiness will probably drive you crazy, but she can’t help it. So indulge her pregnancy symptomsand be understanding. This applies to the second and third trimesters as well.

    man giving woman a foot massage

    A good foot massage will put you in the good books

  • Learn to give a wicked massage. Your partner’s body is going to be under a lot of pressure and a nice back rub or foot massage will definitely be appreciated. Warning: Some days she won’t want to be touched, don’t be offended it’s not you, it her pregnancy hormones.
  • NEVER mention the bump. Instead, refer to your baby or her pregnancy, because any reference to a bump will be interpreted as you saying “you’re getting fat”. If she asks about it the best response is: “A bump? If I didn’t know you were pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to tell.” Some days she may call your bluff, her pregnancy hormones will probably be going wild and honestly on those days nothing you do will please her.

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