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Urine pregnancy test

Am I pregnantUrine pregnancy tests can be taken at home or carried out at your doctor’s office. They have an accuracy rate of approximately 97%, which means there is a very low chance that you will get a false positive or negative reading. However, if you take a home pregnancy test too soon your chances of getting a false negative reading are greatly increased, so don’t rush the process.

hCG, the pregnancy hormone, becomes present in your urine approximately 6 days after fertilization and implantation of the fertilised egg into your uterine wall has occurred, however most home pregnancy tests will not give a positive reading until 10-14 days after conception has occurred or one week after your missed period. For this reason, there is no reason to use a home pregnancy test until your period is at least one week late or you have noticed that you are experiencing several of the common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.

Home pregnancy tests cost between USD$8-20/GBP£5-14 and can usually be bought at a supermarket, pharmacy or online. They are private and convenient and you will have the answer to your burning question “Am I pregnant?” in just a few minutes. If your home pregnancy test gives a positive reading the next step is to contact your healthcare provider for official confirmation of your pregnancy and to ensure you and your baby have begun your 40 week pregnancy on the right foot.

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