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C-sections: risks


Caesarian section

C-sections are risky procedures

C-sections, like any medical procedure, are accompanied by certain risks. For this reason, if you plan to undergo an elective C-section it is important that you understand what risks you will be taking. In the event you have to undergo an emergency C-section, it is because a vaginal birth presents an even greater risk to you and your baby’s health. We hope that understanding the risks associated with C-sections will help you to make the perfect birth plan for you and to prepare for anything that could happen during labour and birth.

C-section risks include:

  • Injury to your internal organs
  • Excessive bleeding that could lead to anemia and even the need for a blood transfusion
  • Injury to the fetus (though this is rare)
  • An adverse reaction to the anesthetic used

Reasons to have a C-section

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