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When is the right time to start your maternity leave?

If you have just found out that you are pregnant one of the many questions in your head will be:
How am I going to tell my employer and when should I go on maternity leave?

When will you leave work?

Everyone has a different view on when the best time is to go on maternity leave, but it is completely up to you. The first thing you should remember is not to let other people tell you what to do, because each mother has a completely different pregnancy.¬† If you are told by a friend ‘Oh, I worked until the last week as I felt fine’ that does not necessarily mean it will be the same for you. Some women suffer from more pregnancy symptoms than others, therefore, finding pregnancy more stressful and uncomfortable, which means they will need to stop working a bit earlier.

For most women it is not as simple as saying “I am going to be leaving early.”¬† Some women are not able to finish as early as others due to their economic situation. If money is tight then sometimes it is essential that you try and stay as long as possible – but don’t overwork yourself, always think about yourself and your baby first, that’s your priority!

If you feel that you are more tired than expected a month before your due date then it is your choice to start your leave then. There is no point of sticking around when you aren’t going to be helpful and just feel uncomfortable.¬† Remember, stress can lead to induced labour.

You may not only be concerned about your economic situation, but you have probably also heard that research has shown that women who work later in their pregnancies tend to have lighter babies than women who go on maternity leave earlier.

Today, research has revealed that women who go on maternity leave 3 months prior to their due date are far more relaxed, which aids your baby’s growth and weight development. Obviously, it does depend on what work you are doing, if you are constantly on your feet then work is more strenuous, thus it takes a greater tole on your body. If you are sat at a desk then there is less stress on your body and it is easier to relax while you are working.

What do you think? If you have already had your baby, when did you leave work? Would you do it differently the next time?

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